American College of Medical Practice Executives 

Established in 1956, the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE)is the standard-setting and certification body of the Medical Group Management Association. ACMPE offers board certification and Fellowship in medical practice management. ACMPE’s mission is to continually improve the performance of medical group practice professionals and the organizations they represent. Their vision is to be the recognized leader in defining and supporting the profession of medical group management. Some benefits of board certification:

  • Demonstrates your broad knowledge of medical practice management
  • Enhances your professional status by earning a nationally recognized professional designation
  • Provides a distinct advantage over other candidates when seeking employment and promotions
  • Assists you in demanding more salary, on average, than non certified professionals
  • Expands your network of medical practice executives who have chosen to excel in the profession
  • The board certification exam assesses your:
    • Knowledge and understanding of the broad scope of medical practice management principles and issues
    • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
    • Ability to communicate in writing
    • Oral communication skills

ACMPE board certified professionals enjoy:

  • Professional respect from physicians, peers and colleagues
  • Increased earning and career potential
  • Leading many of the nation’s best-performing medical practices

Fellows are members of ACMPE who have chosen to advance beyond board certification. Fellowship (FACMPE) is the highest level of distinction in the medical management field.


The Body of Knowledge

The Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management is the most comprehensive, authoritative resource for those who seek to assess and develop their skills and knowledge in this profession. Every profession possesses a body of knowledge representing the entirety of information about that profession. It’s one way that professionals establish their claim to an expertise that deserves recognition. The Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management represents just such an achievement. It defines and legitimizes the unique knowledge and skill set for the medical practice management profession. It helps set the standards that preserve the profession’s integrity and promote its growth.


The changes are here for 2020

With all the changes around us the medical practice management profession must also adjust and continue to evolve to stay current and relevant. To ensure that board certification continues to be the most effective, and contemporary assessment of skills and abilities, the ACMPE exam blueprint has been updated. These changes will be reflected starting with the December 2020 exam window.

The number of domains remains the same at 6 in total. The essential content is more up to date for today’s industry, including the domain for Transformative Healthcare Delivery. Patient Centered Care is no longer a domain, but its content has been redirected into other areas. Some nominees may feel more comfortable taking the exams with the current blueprint. A comparison of the 2013 and 2020 Body of Knowledge and exam is demonstrated below.

For individuals currently pursuing certification, an updated examination guide is provided online to gauge your level of ability for each knowledge domain and task for both the current and the new exam blueprint as well as released the new exam specifications. This will allow those pursuing certification to decide which blueprint they feel more comfortable with and, as a result, adjust their timeline to take their exams accordingly.

For those pursuing Fellowship, there is no change in your course. However, you are encouraged to utilize the BOK to help you through the process. You can review the additional BOK information on the MGMA website.

Just to reiterate - the current requirements to advance to CMPE status remain the same: pass the scenario-based exam, pass the multiple choice exam and log 50 continuing education credits on your transcript following the continuing education specifications (in no particular order). It does not matter if your exams were taken and passed using the 2013 exam blueprint or the 2020 blueprint. You do not need to retake an exam you have previously taken and passed to become certified if your application is still active.

BOK Updates:

The ACMPE Board Certification examinations will begin reflecting the new BOK framework in December of this year. Please note the following: 

  • For those most comfortable in testing under the current BOK framework, they must test by end of November.
  • For those interested in testing under the new BOK framework, if they take the tests between December 1st-31st, they qualify for a promotion of $50 off a product.  

If you would like more information, please visit our Body of Knowledge page to review the new BOK framework, FAQs, and the differences between our new framework and the previous version. 

  • The new BOK resources released:
    • The Study Guide
    • Workbook 
    • Practice Assessment 
    • Preparation Series

ACMPE Champion Member Community:

  • A new member community has been created where all ACMPE Champions will be housed, including: ACMPE Forum Reps, State Staff, State Presidents, and ACMPE Champion Volunteers. 
  • The member community will include resources such as: Ads, social post examples, fliers, testimonial videos. Anything can be shared digitally or used on website/social posts. More will be added shortly.



  • Board eligible classification: Candidates will be allowed to enter the program even if they may not yet meet the education and experience requirements. Candidates must show an understanding and knowledge of the principles of medical practice administration by passing the multiple-choice exam. Certification will be achieved by passing the scenario-based exam, complete the required 50 continuing education credit hours and attain a Bachelor’s degree or 120 college credits and two years of healthcare experience.

  • Continuing education credits include 30 hours from MGMA state and national learning, including at least 12 LIVE hours. The remaining 20 hours may come from either MGMA or qualified outside sources. This will also apply to the 50 hours of continuing education required every three years to remain certified.

  • If you enter the board certification program in 2019, you will have to complete your exam and 50 hours of CE within three years of application date.

  • FELLOWSHIP-Starting in 2019 for the Fellowship program, you must have either a Bachelor’s degree and seven years of healthcare experience or a Master’s degree and five years of experience. At least two years must be in a leadership role. There will be a requirement of six volunteer hours (3 hours from healthcare, 3 hours of community service). Professional paper submission will be phased out and a move towards submission of innovative business plan proposals. Candidates who enter the Fellowship program in 2019 will have two years from the application date to complete the requirements.




  • Have two years of healthcare experience
  • Hold a Bachelor’s Degree or 120 Hours of College Credit
  • Be a current MGMA Member
  • Pay a one-time application fee


  • Register and pass multiple choice exam
  • Register and pass the scenario-based exam
  • Earn 50 continuing education credit hours
  • - 30 hours from MGMA resources
  • (12 ours required from MGMA
  • national/state face-to-face events)
  • - 20 additional hours from qualified sources


  • Submit 50 CE hours every three years
  • Remain MGMA member



  • Be a current MGMA Member
  • Pay a one-time application fee


  • Register and pass multiple choice exam


  • Earn a Bachelor’s degree or 120 Hours of college credit
  • Obtain 2 years of healthcare experience
  • Register and Pass the scenario-based exam
  • Earn 50 continuing education credit hours
  • - 30 hours from MGMA resources
  • (12 ours required from MGMA
  • national/state face-to-face events)
  • - 20 additional hours from qualified sources


  • Submit 50 CE hours every three years
  • Remain MGMA member



Once you achieve ACMPE board certification, you are eligible to become a Fellow in the American College of Medical Practice Executives (FACMPE).  Join your colleagues as a medical practice management thought leader by sharing your expertise and insights with a contribution to the Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management.

By authoring a professional paper or three case studies, you empower other professionals in the field with rich insights and powerful examples of real-world issues facing today’s group practices.

To ensure that your contribution provides maximum value, the submission process for your topic and manuscript includes review and suggestions from a team of ACMPE Fellows.

What do you gain from Fellowship?

Attaining the Fellow designation means more professional respect and recognition, countless leadership opportunities and an enhanced level of empowerment. Fellow status is the highest level of distinction you can reach in the medical practice management profession, and it is a rewarding journey that will yield great professional and personal growth.

Throughout the process, you will have the support of Association staff, colleagues and those who have already achieved Fellowship to guide you through the program. Valued volunteers such as Fellowship mentors and Professional Papers Committee graders are also available to ensure your success.

To learn more please visit the Fellowship Website



  • Earn the Certified Medical Practice
    Exceutive (CMPE) credential 
  • Be a current MGMA member 
  • Pay a one-time application fee
  • Submit your Fellowship program application 
  • Hold a Bachelor's degree with at least seven 
    years of healthcare experience, including 
    two years in a leadership role. 


  • Hold a Master's degree with at least five
    years of healthcare experience, including
    two years in leadership role.


  • Identify a relevant problem in healthcare 
    which requires an innovative solution and is 
    tied to the Body of Knowledge for Medical
    Practice Management. 
  • Develop a strategic business plan for 
    implementing an innovative solution to the 
    chosen problem or issue. Business plan
    must meet approved format. 
  • Complete six volunteers hours 


  • Submit 50 continuing education (CE) hours every three years.
    - 30 hours from MGMA resources 
    (12 ours required from MGMA
      national/state face-to-face events)
    - 20 additional hours from qualified sources 
  • Complete six volunteer hours. 
  • Remain an MGMA member.

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